Dear ILLfam-

We recently learned that the Austin City Council has made an emergency decision to cancel all events planned at the Travis County Expo Center through the end of 2021 to utilize the venue for COVID-related measures. Unfortunately, ILLfest is one of the events affected by this decision.

As soon as we heard this news our team sprang into action. We have been working around the clock to evaluate whether any alternative venues could safely and successfully host this event that we have been working so hard to share with all of you in September.

Despite our best efforts, we can now confidently say that there are no venue options available that would meet our standards for crowd safety and attendee experience on our originally planned dates. As a result, we are now moving to postpone ILLfest until February 18th and 19th, 2022.

Please know we did not make this decision lightly and that we put your expectations, experience, and safety at the forefront of our priorities when we made this decision as a team. 

We are all in agreement that this is a major bummer and there is not a whole lot that we can say to ease the disappointment for you. What we can share is that we will be turning up the heat for ILLfest 2022. After all this time off, we want to guarantee the first ILLfest back completely blows your mind & expectations out of the water. That means more art, more musical artists, bigger stage production, and added experiential elements that we now have a few extra months to crush as a team.

We will email all ticket holders by Friday, September 3rd with instructions for requesting a refund or transferring your ticket over to the next ILLfest if you cannot make it to the new dates. No action will be required in order to automatically roll over your existing orders to the new 2022 ILLfest dates. The Borgore event originally planned as an ILLfest pre-party will still take place on September 10th and all ILLVIP ticket holders will be emailed next week by Friday, September 3rd with an opportunity to RSVP for free admission to this event. We still plan to host additional shows on September 17th and 18th and will have more information on these events for you soon.

If you have any questions, our team is available and here to help. Please feel free to reach out to us any time via email at

Much love & stay safe out there, family. 

-The ILLfest HQ